GRFT family at BBH2010


Beach Bound Hounds 2010 Queen Fantasy with Karen & Roger      

    The Boardwalk from The Bermuda Sands

Mike & Janis with Kobi, Sammi, Motion & Roxie

 Donna, Josey, Jetty,Hot Rod & Porter                    

          Brenda and Patrick with Goldie, Lala, Cody & Giles      

             Kimberly & Ronnie with Arwin, Sofera, Sassy & Maggie   

  Karen & Roger with Drummer,Fantasy, Marie, Shem, Kiss, Baby, Sam &Monkey  

              Gene & Tim with Star, Skippy, & Indy  

     Brooke with Kai, Aoife, Koa & El  

Noma with CeeCee, Macy & Gizmo

Randall & Mike with Gracie

Liz & Dave with Logan & Deke

           Jim & Sholo with Hulda & Edgar

Cheryl, Jake & Allison with Cory, Fanny & Kissy

Bettie with Tyler & Queen

Ronnie in his new hat

Mike had to have a new hat also

Mike's stroll with the Kirby pups

Everyone is sporting their Poopy Bags

Lets meet at the beach and ROOOOOOOO

There is always time to eat

Kimberly & Ronnie's room at the Bird's Nest in Myrtle Beach at BBH2010

Greyhound in the sand by Ronnie

There is always room for desert, just ask Liz

Great Minds at the The Lazy River

Waiting for our sessions with the Animal Communicator


Greyhound Rescue Foundation of Tennessee

P.O. Box 32554
Knoxville, TN  37930-2554